Learning proper English can be stressful even for native speakers – let alone non-native speakers.  Therefore, it is important to have fun as you learn.

Here you will find some videos and links that will help you to have fun whilst learning the complexities of English, including word games and…. video skits:

WATCH: How NOT to handle complaints!!

RSA Animate – Changing Education Paradigms


Global English with David Crystal


David Crystal’s Official Website



The demand for English teachers around the world is unprecedented.  Globalisation of business, travel and tourism, the internet, entertainment, and academic education means that the need for people everywhere to speak English has never been greater.

Over the last decade, the demand for QUALIFIED TESOL English teachers has grown.  Overseas employers now seek out people who have completed at least some basic training in teaching English and people who have an understanding of what is required once they enter the classroom.

David Crystal – Should English be taught as a ‘global’ language?

As a native speaker of English you are in high demand for teaching positions around the world.  Not only do you bring your SPOKEN English to the classroom, but you also bring your innate UNDERSTANDING of the language – you know the unique way in which English functions in the real world, rather than just what can be learnt from a book – the slang, the idiosyncrasies, the customs of the language.

There are literally thousands of opportunities available worldwide right now.  If you can speak English fluently with minimal accent, then you can TEACH English.  You do not need any experience or a university degree to find teaching work and Teach International can help you every step of the way to become involved in this exciting and growing global industry.

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