dollar is rising in the golden flower pot

English Teaching
$32 per hour for basic English lessons online;
or in-person $30 (includes GST);
plus travel costs (within Adelaide $6-15 per hour of travel)

Voice coaching
$ 45 per hour (includes GST)
for specialised English speaking tuition;
for second-language actors, singers;
or, anyone else needing vocal assistance.

Children (to 17 years) – $ 30 per hour
Adults (18 year and on) – $ 45 per hour

   Proof reading
$ 25 per 1000 words (3.5 A4 pages)

      Voice Over
Quoted on project-by-project basis, but generally speaking:

$ 85 – $250 per hour (+10% GST) for reading stories/audio books;
and, narration for documentries.

                              CLICK HERE for Audio Samples

$150 – 300 per hour for character voices (+ GST 10%)
– quoted on individual basis

ie. Jaya can perform ‘posh’ and, ‘normal’ voices, very well;
but NOT inflected ‘dialects’ (eg. Yank, Irish, Scottish, etc).

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